Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wilson's Second Birthday

For Wil's second birthday we went to one of his favorite places, the farm country at Thanksgiving Point. Besides Ben and me, Wilson had lots of company. His Grandma and Papa Wilson came along with cousins Janae, Max, Carly and Gus. One of Wilson's friends, Parker, and his parents Lisa and Preston came too. It was a really nice morning and the farm wasn't very crowded. We got to feed the goats and chickens, pet the horses, hear the crazy donkey braying and go on a wagon ride! Wilson also loved to see all the baby animals. There was even a little kitten that we tried to get dad to take home with us, but it didn't happen! It was also dairy days there so we got to make our own ice cream and play games. Wilson didn't want to play the milk bottle game, but the girl that worked there gave him some candy anyway because it was his birthday! It doesn't get much better than that! After the farm, we went back to grandma's house for cake and ice cream and presents! Uncle Joey and Aunt Heather came back from there cruise just in time to have cake with us and Aunt Jennie came by herself because her boys were home sick with dad. It was a really wonderful day. Now everytime we talk about birthdays Wilson always wants to know if there will be birthday cake! We also decided that he is not fond of the happy birthday song. Ben and I had him in tears twice that day because we tried to sing it to him. Maybe it was just our singing! We tried to teach him to tell people "I'm two" when they ask how old he is, but he only does it when he wants to. Go figure. Our new motto whenever Wilson is difficult is, "He's two!" and we love it!

We are the Hardings

So pretty much everyone in my family is doing blogs, so I figured I should join in too! We are the Harding family. Ben and I were married after a long and highly tumultuous courtship. Basically I had to convince Ben that we were MFEO and he fought me pretty much the whole time. Now, he loves me, can't live without me (name that movie). We have one incredibly smart and cute son named Wilson who just turned 2 and another little baby boy on the way in August. Since this is my first try and the whole blogging thing, I think this will end my first entry and I'll have to check and see how nerdy I really sound.