Friday, September 2, 2011

Wilson's a Kindergartener?!!!!

I am sure every mom of a five-year-old has a blog entry like this one about this time of year. I will add my sentiments of disbelief to theirs. I can't believe my baby is going to kindergarten! But, unlike a lot of moms, this does not make me sad and nostalgic for the days when he was a little baby. I am ECSTATIC for Wilson. He is starting his education and some of the funnest times in his early life. He is so smart and is going to do so well that I can't be sad!
The first day his teacher, Mrs. Partridge, allowed the parents in to the classroom to read a story, The Kissing Hand. We found Wilson's table, pinned his name tag on and just let him go. Within minutes he was coloring a picture and then went directly to the rug when asked. After the story, there were parents crying and kids screaming for their mothers. But, not Wil. He was just like, "See ya later, mom!" That moment right there made preschool all worth it. That is exactly how I wanted his first day to go. Yesterday, he brought home his first worksheets. I almost cried then, though. I will have to frame them because I think it's soooo cute. He has worksheets!
Now, I'm not saying that next year won't be difficult when he goes to school ALL day, but for now, I am just excited to see Wil come home every day and tell me all about letters and songs and recess. What a great time in our lives!

PS I am also carpooling for the first time. Wilson has a girl in his class from the ward. I am the drop off mom and the other mom picks up. I think it was more nerve wracking waiting for him to be home after school the first day because it was out of my control. I was giving my responsibility to someone else for my child. It was a very strange feeling, but I think it will be good once we get all the bugs worked out. I will also be a soccer mom starting next week. Wow, I am the minivan driving, car pooling, picking up and dropping off, kids in school, soccer mom. Isn't it great?