Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cereal Day and a Seriously Crappy Week

The poor kid doesn't know what's about to hit him.

What is with this mush?

Seriously, this is what you people eat every day?

Gimmie that camera!

At least I get to play with my spoon!

Man, this is going to take some getting used to!

Bennett turned six months on Monday, so we "officially" started him on cereal and baby food. Can I just tell you how this kid is the exact opposite of his brother? Wil devoured everything I put in from of him (including prunes) and couldn't get enough. Bennett is going to be one of those kids that has to try the same thing 12 times before he decides whether he likes it. The first day he was somewhat open to the strange and mushy substance being stuck to the roof of his mouth. Every day since then his lips have clamped shut before I even get the spoon near him and if I happen to get the tiniest morsel into his mouth he sticks his tongue out and coughs until it all falls out. What a stinker! I keep telling him that this is people food and it's way better than anything he's getting now. I even tasted the sweet potatoes and pears myself to make sure I wasn't lying to the poor child! The funniest part is that I have been sneaking him cheerios and crackers for a few weeks and believe me, he knows the difference. When I come near him with those little oat circles his little mouth pops open like and automatic trunk! Crazy, no? His doctor says he may just not be ready for it yet, but I am determined to figure out something he might like! Anyone have any suggestions or stories?

I don't understand this phenomenon. Every time Ben goes away on a business trip all heck breaks loose. Last year Wil was so sick he came back from California early. Remember the Wil. vs. fireplace incident? Also when Ben was gone. This time was no different. This was the first time both of my boys were sick at the same time. Wilson did not leave the house for an entire week, literally. There were fevers, puking, coughing fits, loss of appetite and a feeling of overall yuckiness, for the whole time Ben was gone. It sucked. I almost didn't make it through, not even kidding. But, I know I was blessed to have a little more patience and it was actually nice not to have to go anywhere! I am just glad the boys are healthy again. Unfortunately its Ben and my turn to be sick. Lame. Spring, where are you?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Could I be any further behind?

It's a good thing no one relies on this blog as their only link to me, or I'd be in trouble. To say the least things have been crazy around our house. This last week both Wil and Bennett were (and still are) down with colds. Bennett actually has his first case of bronchiolitis and we've ressurected the old nebulizer, but I've only had the heart to give him the treatment once. I don't think Wil has left the house since last Friday. It has been miserable for all involved. Luckily, I haven't gotten sick yet, so I've had the energy to care for them. Of course Ben is in California for training all week, which super sucks. I could never be a single mom, it's too hard. I can't honestly tell you what else has happened since 2009 began. It's been a blur and the time has flown by! I am pretty sure most of that time has been spent at the gym. Ben and I have been obsessed with the bet we made in October to see who could get to their goal weight first. I finally found something to motivate him. If he wins he gets a flat screen TV and if I win I get the money equivalant to his flat screen. (There was no way I could nail down just one thing to buy!) We have both been doing really well and I am proud to say I am already back to my pre-pregnancy weight and have 9 pounds to go until I officially kick Ben's butt!!! I promise I will get my Christmas background taken down and get something more appropriate up (like spring, is anyone else done with winter?) and try to get a few things posted. For now you just get random pictures.