Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Peek-A-Boo and Cute Smiles

We've recently discovered that Bennett likes to play peek-a-boo! Every morning after I change his diaper and get him dressed, I duck down by the side of the changing table and then pop up to say peek-a-boo. We have gotten a lot of cute smiles from Bennett this way. One morning Wilson wanted to join the fun, but wasn't quite tall enough. He disappeared into his room and came back this his foot stool. It was so cute to see Wilson playing with his brother. Of course Wilson's version of the game ws a lot louder and more intense than mom's, but Bennett ate it up. I love to see Bennett's little smiles and know that despite all the times I feel like I'm failing as a mom and how much he struggles to figure life out, there are some times when I can't help but think he's already enjoying his journey here on earth! What a cutie!

Our First Trip to the Emergency Room

In case some of you haven't heard the story, here it goes. While Ben was in Idaho Falls (because isn't that how it always happens?) Wilson decided to smash his head into the fireplace. He was running around the corner into the living room like he's done a million times. He tripped over his shoes which he's done a billion times. But just the right combination of the two and ... BAM! I was on the phone with my dad and pulled one of these, "Oh my gosh, Dad, I've got to go...CLICK." I completely spaced any emergency training I may have had. I had to call Ben to see what I should do. I think I used the phrase, "I think I can see his brain" which probably made Ben panic a little, but the cut was soooo deep. Meanwhile, poor Bennett is on the couch screaming his head off because he was two seconds away from having dinner. I called a bunch of neighbors and of course no one answers. I finally called my sister and told her I was dropping the baby off. By now, Wilson had stopped crying and the wound had stopped bleeding which I thought was really strange. I was sure all the blood was going into his brain. Just as I was pulling out my parents pulled up and asked which kid needed stitches. I guess years of emergency room trips make you pretty wise to these things. They took the baby and we were off to the emergency room. The eeriest part was looking back at my son with the gaping head wound. He was just drinking his milk and reassuring me that he was okay. Once we got there, the ER lady was far from sympathetic. She just said, "Did he get a little scratch?" I was like, you call this a little scratch? Who gave you your medical training? Wilson was really brave and calm until they strapped him to the papoose board (a cute name for a toddler torture devise). The nurses had to numb the wound by sticking a thin needle into his head and squirting medicine directly inside. If that wasn't enough, then they had to irrigate it. I was like one of those people who watch horror shows even though they hate every minute of it. I just couldn't look away. I have never heard Wilson scream so loudly and it reduced me to tears. When the doctor finally came in to do the stitches, Wilson was just pleading to go home. The nurses had to switch off holding his head because he was thrashing so much. The grand total was four internal stitches and five external stitches. But, in true Wilson fashion, once it was all over he just sat on my lap and read a book and ate their popsicle peace offering. On the way home Wilson called his father to let him know he was okay and then we got chicken and fries on the way home. It was very traumatic, but I am amazed that we made it through. I'm sure the papoose board and I will become very well acquainted in the next few years, but I think I can handle it now.

Monday, September 22, 2008

While dad's away......

It is common knowledge that Stephanie doesn't like to be home alone all day when she knows Ben isn't coming home that night. Ben took his first overnight trip since Bennett was born. So, me and the boys decided to have some fun. First, we went to visit Kay on her last day before she had to go back to Virginia. Jennie, Parker and Dalton were there too. The boys played while Kay held the baby and we all chatted. Jennie's boys are very curious about babies and Dalton climbed up on the couch next to Kay to sneak a peek at Bennett. It was precious. Then, Kay was in charge of snacks and all the boys swarmed around her like pigeons in a park. It made a cute picture with her and all her grandsons (well, besides the one still making his way here!).

Next we went to visit Heidi. I cannot believe how good her baby is. Not that I am complaining, but after she fed him, Seth laid on the couch and contentedly looked around for 45 minutes without making a peep! Then, Heidi just wrapped him up and put him on the couch and he was out like a light. Bennett wasn't quite so easy! Noah, Adam and Wilson had fun pretending the pillows were mud and pulling each other out to safety. Now Wilson's new favorite phrase is, "I'm stuck in the mud." Gotta love those cousins. We probably overstayed our welcome at Heidi's house but it sure made Ben being gone a whole lot more fun!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fair Fun 2008

Our cute family at the fair!
Wilson really liked the fair food.
Bennett enjoyed his cozy ride around the fair under a blanket.
Wilson loved going down the banana slide with his dad. They went twice in a row!


Wilson was stoked about seeing the giant alligator. He only got to see it once since it was $1.50 a pop!

We went to the fair on Thursday with Ben's dad. Wilson was so excited to go. We kept telling him about all the cool stuff we would see. He was especially excited about the 1,200 lb. alligator. We went to see the cows and the bunnies and then ate corn dogs and pizza. Ben remembered going on the big banana sack slide and wanted Wilson to try it with him. I was skeptical about whether Wilson would like it, but they ended up going twice! Wil was mesmerized by all the flashy lights and rides and noises. I would often catch him just staring off at something with his mouth wide open. We stopped to see the tigers, which were very active at that time of the evening. Wilson thought that was pretty cool. I got myself a funnel cake (mmm, funnel cake) and before I could even finish, Wilson kept saying, "Mom, let's go see the cow made out of butter." That's my boy. So, we walked over and saw the butter sculpture. It was the best one I've ever seen. It's amazing how simple pleasures can make you happy. Wilson was happy just to see an oversized reptile and slide down a hill on a sack with his dad. Ben, Mike and I were all happy just knowing that Wil was having a good time. It was enough just to see him smile to make it the best fair ever. I love the fair and can't wait to take the boys next year!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Who is this kid?

Wilson recently acquired a collection of fun dinosaurs from his cousin (Thanks Drew) and he can't seem to get enough of them. He likes to climb into the tote and just hang with his dino-peeps. I took these pictures of him and when I went back to review them, my cute little baby Wilson was gone! I kept looking again because I couldn't believe it was him. He looked so different from the way I see him. He is his own little independent man with no pants on eating ice with his toys. Time really does fly. It makes me excited to see how he will continue to change in the future and how he will look years from now. What a handsome kid!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Brothers Gotta Hug (name that movie)

I have been waiting for three weeks to get this very picture of my two boys together. It's not the best, but the other ones I had Wilson magically erased from our memory stick. That kid is a technological genius! I love this picture because it puts all my illogical fears about Wilson hating his baby brother to rest. He will randomly ask to hold Bennett and of course we have to let him. Wilson doesn't seem to care if Bennett is freaking out or calm, but the holding usually only lasts about a minute. Then Wilson will announce that he is finished with Bennett and gently "push" him to get him off his lap.

Wilson also likes to pet his baby brother. I keep telling him that you don't pet a baby on the head you pat him, but apparently Bennett is his vicarious puppy. I am really glad that Wilson is adapting fairly well to life with a sibling. He definitely has his bouts of regression and fit throwing, but I guess that's to be expected. It's definitely a mother's payday to hear Wilson ask to hold Bennett or giggle at him when he has the hiccups or even when he loads his pants. Wilson thinks that is especially hilarious. Boys. Go figure.