Friday, July 24, 2009

Running Downhill Sounds Fun......

Poo flavored clif bars, the breakfast of champions!
I can run 6 miles, but I can't figure out the timer on my camera!

We rock!

Heather and I ran the Deseret News 10k this morning and had an absolute blast. It started at 6:00 am which made the decision to be up until midnight the night before a little crazy. Neither one of us thought about breakfast so we ended up sharing a mini Clif bar that tasted a lot like...well, poop. There were a ton of people running and the course was mostly down hill, which sounds like a plus, until you get to mile 4 and your calves are screaming, "Enough with the down hill already." The course went around the same way as the parade so the last two miles were lined with people you thought were cheering for you, but all they really wanted was for you to hurry up so the parade could start! It was my fastest 10k ever at 51:14 and Heather wasn't far behind! It was a great race and must be repeated next year!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bennett is 11 months!

These pictures encapsulate Bennet at 11 months. He is TROUBLE! He is now crawling, pulling himself up and along furniture, pushing buttons (literally and figuratively) and climbing stairs! I can't believe how much he gets into things and how much more I have to watch him than I did Wilson. He loves to egg Wilson on and chase him around the house. They scream at each other and laugh at nothing together. It is so cute and we hope they will always be good friends. Bennett has his two bottom teeth. That's almost 3 months earlier than Wil got his. How funny is that. I am excited that my 11 month old has teeth and I think he's ahead of schedule! He is adorable and still making the cutest noises. He doesn't know how to point yet, so whenever he wants you to look at something, you get a little Hitler salute followed by an emphatic "Oooo". He has learned to turn the TV off and on and just waits for you to tell him no, then he laughs and does it anyway. What a stinker! I can't imagine life without him and can't wait to see what he comes up with next.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Roller Babies

This is our new favorite video. Wilson has watched it no less than 20 times today and it gives Bennett something to aspire to! It's super cute!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fourth of July Fun

Bennett loved sitting in the little kid chairs. He didn't stop smiling!
Hanging with cousin Lil!
No Fourth of July party would be complete without the pool!
Uncle Roger brought his hammock and we all wanted to take a nap on it!

Uncle Ian made homemade chocolate chip ice cream. He let Wilson help. Just don't ask what's in it, then you feel guilty for enjoying it so much.
This was a present from great great aunt Harriet, the nicest lady in the world. We will have lots of fun picnics at this table!

Grandpa Mike and Kay are in town this year for the fourth so we got to go play at their house. It was super fun. There was a pool and pop-its and toys and home made ice cream and family and fabulous fireworks. We don't get together with Ben's side of the family nearly enough. It was good to see everyone and catch up on what's happening in everyone's lives. Bennett didn't nap well so he was down by seven and missed all the fireworks. Wil was not impressed by the fireworks. Next year maybe we won't take him to see the Taylorsville fireworks. It spoiled him!

Don't Let the Tradition Die!

This is Bennett's first parade!
Wil's scooter looked really cute, too bad he wouldn't ride it!

Our Committee

Our 4th of July Neighborhood Parade and Breakfast has been going for 6 years. It has been one of our favorite activities. Because of a ward split it looked like the tradition was going to die out this year. We had no ward or auxiliaries to help and no budget. But, we knew that everyone still wanted to have it. So, with only two weeks to plan it and make it work, we put it together. It wasn't as grand or fabulous as in other years, but we kept the tradition alive. Allow me to get sappy for a moment. I am so grateful to live in a neighborhood of people that care about each other and their country. I was amazed that every food assignment was filled and every delegation was taken without complaint. Our "committee" let me take their time and let me whine when things weren't going so well. I am glad it went so well. Now we know it is a tradition worth saving and we hope it will continue every year. Just don't make me be in charge any more.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What a Day!

Look at our patriotic little men!
A picture of my sweaty self after the race. It was super fun!

The babies fell asleep and dreamed of the day they could eat parade candy and ......
hug a giant armadillo?!

Bennett looking up to the sky
Crazy Neil Diamond fans! Just sing "Coming to America" already!

Bennett fell dead asleep on my lap even with all the noise! He was DONE!

After living in Taylorsville for 3 years now, we decided it was about time we participated in Taylorsville days. It started early on Saturday morning when I left to run the 5k with my sis, Heather. I told Ben he was in charge of getting the kids together and getting them all to the parade. I didn't really have high hopes, but Ben seriously impressed me. When I went to find my family after Heather and I finished a sub 30 race (you go, Hey) I was fully expecting to see all three of them still in their pajamas all huddled on one of Bennett's receiving blankets. Not only did Ben have the children dressed and ready, he brought a blanket, camping chairs and even a sippy cup of milk for Wil. What a man! He even coordinated with Lisa so she could sit by us! The parade was super fun and Wilson was quite the candy hound. He was out there chasing after all the candy with the older kids. No fear! He stocked piled it and shared it with Parker. The babies slept through all the fun, of course. That evening I was tortured by the loud and booming noise that is Neil Diamond before I was able to enjoy the fireworks. (Don't let Ben know I said that!) Ben and Preston took the boys to the bounce houses while Lisa and I helped save spots for fireworks. My parents and Heather's family came too. Despite the pain my ears went through, it was a seriously awesome day ending in awesome fireworks. I even got a funnel cake which is like my favorite fair food ever. Ben waited in line for half an hour to get it for me. Can you say true love? Ben makes fun of me because I keep saying I felt like part of the community, but I really did. We are blessed to be where we are and surrounded by good people and good fun!