Friday, July 25, 2008

Fun Trips with Cousins and Friends

This was the slowest slide in the world, but Wilson still loved it.

Here we put tubes together to make a chute for some whiffle balls.

This is Wil with his friend Parker in a super sweet jeep.

Carrots, anyone?

Just want to be cool like my uncle Mat!

There was a mouse house too!

This week Wilson has been in heaven. We have taken some fun trips. This Wednesday, grandma took all the kids to the dinosaur park in Ogden. I made the mistake of telling Wilson the night before (in an attempt to get him to go to sleep) that we were going to the "dar dar park" as he calls it. From then on, that's all he wanted to do from the moment he got up. I had a doctor's appointment so my mom watched him for me. When he saw we were at grandma's house and not the dar dar park he was mad. The same thing happened when we had to stop at aunt Carina's house to trade cars and then at aunt Heidi's house to pick them up. I think he thought he was never going to get there! But, once we were, watch out! All the kids had a great time, but I was going to die of heat exhaustion! After a while, Wilson lost interest in the dinosaurs and just wanted to play in the puddles. Not that there were that many, but he managed to find and step in probably every puddle in the park.

Today we had our fieldtrip Friday to the Discovery Gateway. Can I just say if you've never been, you've got to try it. It is a little expensive, but so much fun. We went with our friend Lisa and Parker. They played with the balls, in a construction zone, the market, the farm, the pond, in a bird house, in a play house, with magnets. There was just oodles of stuff to do. A little warning, it was really crowded, but the border skirmishes were minimal. What a fun week!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Like Father, Like Son

Ben took this self portrait wearing Wilson's goggles. I guess we'll let you decide who's cuter!

Cousins everywhere!

Gotta love those cousins! This Tuesday Wilson and I got to go play with Jennie's boys, Parker and Dalton. While Dalton was off with his mom, I let Wilson and Parker do naughty things like play in the pillows. Of course I'm not the smartest because then I took pictures of them doing it, which will turn into evidence later!
The boys have a fun new play set and slide that Wilson just loved. It was really hard to get a picture of the two of them together because they were such busy little boys. Wilson would let Parker in and out of the playhouse like he owned the joint and they did a good job taking turns on the slide. After a while we took a drink break and Wilson tried to "help" Parker take a drink out of his cup and ended up drenching the front of him. Parker didn't seem to mind.
Later that day, Jennie let the boys play in the pool. It looked a little crowded with all three of them in there, but it sure was cute!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The 4th of July Weekend

What a weekend! We were the parading fools. We started early on Friday morning. Our ward does a neighborhood children's parade and breakfast every year for Independence day. Ben and I agree it's probably the coolest thing we do for the holiday. Sadly, it's probably the most patriotic thing we do too. All the kids line up at the corner of what we call Christmas Street and then they follow the scouts with the flag down to the end of the cul-de-sac. The neighbors sit in chairs along the road like it's a real parade and cheer for the kids when they finish. Wilson still doesn't quite get it, but I think it's fun for him to see all the other kids. One kid had a huge electric hummer that Wil couldn't take his eyes off of. We had to make sure he didn't try to steal it when the kid got out of it! After the parade they honor all the people in the neighborhood who have or are serving in the military. Then we sing patriotic songs and have breakfast. It really is a fun time.
That evening we walked in the Sandy Parade with the Roger Harding for County Council campaign. That was a first for all of us and it was pretty fun, too! Luckily we weren't in charge of the candy throwing. People can get pretty hostile when you run out!! When we were finished I was completely bushed. We went home and I put my cankles up and Ben painted the night away. We didn't even watch any fireworks! How lame are we?
Don't worry, we made up for it on Saturday. Wilson went to his first Salt Lake Bees game. It was packed and I think the game was too slow for him to really be interested in. They lost
6-0. But it was all worth it to see him watching the fireworks with his dad. We were a little worried that he would be scared, but he just kept saying, "Look daddy, firepops!" I have to admit I was a little teary eyed! It was a great weekend and Ben and I have vowed to try and do more fun things for Wilson and our future children so they can have good memories of the holidays!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Beat the Heat

It's officially July and with highs in the 100s for the last few days we have been trying all kinds of things to stay cool. Mostly we only go outside before 10:00 am and after 8:00 pm and keep the house around 73 degrees (Leave me alone I'm 8 months pregnant and already have cankles!) Today we actually managed to get the pool out and have some fun. Wilson discovered at his cousin Carly's birthday party that he really likes to play in the water and especially with the sprinklers. I am glad he isn't afraid to get wet because it sure is entertaining to watch him play!