Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Welcome Winnie!

Ta da, I'm here!
Big brother Wilson
Kisses from big brother Bennett
So sweet!
Proud papa
Every girl loves getting her hair washed!
Apparently she did not agree with my choice in take home outfits!
Ready to go home now!

Introducing the newest member of our family....Miss Winnie! We are so excited she is finally here! She is such a sweet little baby, so petite! She actually came with dark hair! I always secretly wished she would have dark hair, but never expected it to really happen. Chances are it will change to blonde soon, but her dark hair will be well documented! Her brothers both love her to death and always want to check on her to make sure she is okay. I think they will be big helpers for me. She is gorgeous and we are enjoying every minute of having her here!


Hilary said...

Congrats! She's gorgeous!

Krista said...

Adorable! Congratulations Steph!

April and Jared Fenn said...

CONGRATS!! That is so awesome. What is her full name? She is so beautiful. ;)

Marcie said...

Oh Steph! I am SO glad that I decided to start blogging again and just happened to check your blog today. Congratulations!!!! I am so happy for you guys. Do you have details? Full name? Weight? Etc???? I can't wait to meet her.